Our Vision

LiveVivacity is a lifestyle-based movement with the sole purpose of helping you become the best version of yourself, in all areas of life.

At LiveVivacity, we believe that a multi-dimensional wellness experience is necessary to build and sustain the human body at optimal growth. This experience includes mental training and a growth mindset, a healthy environment, supportive social circles, and a purpose…and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We believe that human functionality falls into four main categories:
Mental, Physical, Social, and Spiritual.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of a wellness company to provide the community with resources to optimize and train each aspect of health. As a holistic health and wellness company, that is what we at LiveVivacity are here to do.

Think of a human being as a house supported by pillars…


Our houses require four main pillars to stand. If all four pillars are built with the right resources and continuously maintained, it will remain tall and strong against any weather or adversities that it may endure.

When one pillar is not well-maintained, the house may still be able to stand, however, it would not be as strong or as sturdy. When three out of the four pillars are missing, it becomes unbalanced and the entire structure begins to crumble.

So how do you maximize the strength of your house? In other words, how do you nourish and promote each aspect of your health?

The answer: not at your conventional gym.


The Conventional Gym Approach

Look back at our model. When you go to your normal gym, how many pillars are present?

Just one: Physical.

The typical gym experience takes into account only the physical aspect of health, focusing on two components of body wellness – Nutrition and Fitness. They ignore the other three pillars, depriving people of the resources they require for complete health.

LiveVivacity exists to fix this problem and provide our community with the tools,  skill sets, resources, and a direction to address each aspect of wellness.


Our Solution

To do this, we will provide the community with events, programs, meet-ups, educational videos, yoga, guided meditation, podcasts, volunteer opportunities and much more. Think of these as doors on the house. Each door is an opportunity for different types of people to get motivated in beginning their journey to total wellness.

Reach out to us to get involved and join LiveVivacity in pursuing this movement towards optimal health and wellness in your community!



Next Steps…

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