The LiveVivacity Philosophy

LiveVivacity is the first psychologically and sociologically complete approach to health and wellness that fully incorporates ideals and values found in research, philosophical analysis, and real world application. Through a multifaceted approach, LiveVivacity creates highly motivated sustainable communities unlike anything established today. By maximizing the potential of each individual within the community through intrinsically empowering values of lifestyle and philosophy, LiveVivacity can create a highly productive, progressively influential, and ecologically sustainable society based in the fundamentals of well-being and positive social influence. Reshaping conventional views of business relationships and social structures, LiveVivacity will lead to revolutionized conceptions and possibilities of business ethics that will contribute to greater social change, destabilization of political and corporate hierarchy, and production of more competent, motivated, and educated specialists leading to more qualified local markets thus boosting local economic structure.

Our Story

Our story comes from the pain and social disconnect that has led us to envision a world of sustainable, progressive action. We all face the same human challenges, and we all see that how we currently address the world is leading us to destruction. In order to give our children a prosperous world to live in, we must change our course, our habits, and our thought processes. Vivacity seeks to create a world that every human being innately and naturally desires, focused on personal growth and social collaboration that can transform the unsettled world we live in into a highly productive, intelligent, and self-sufficient society of the future.

Meet the Founder

Through years of research and philosophical analysis, Jared has established an innovative world-view that incorporates various perspectives and values taken from many areas of life.

Jared Kaira Hike

Jared Muenks


Jared is the founder and CEO of LiveVivacity. A former physique competitor, his vision was inspired by a life-altering injury that drastically transformed his perspective on life. On his road to recovery, Jared recognized the necessity of mental, social, and spiritual health as components to his well-being, rather than just the physical.

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Next Steps...

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