Jared Kaira Hike

Jared's Story

Jared Muenks is the founder and CEO of LiveVivacity. A former physique trainee and body builder, his vision was inspired by a life-altering injury that drastically transformed his perspective on health and wellness. Through a very difficult road to recovery, Jared recognized the necessity of mental, social, and spiritual health in his overall well-being, rather than just the physical. In the modern medical field, this approach to looking at the whole individual for health and wellness is termed Integrative Medicine, and has taken a huge upswing in medical results and patient enthusiasm.

By creating LiveVivacity, Jared seeks to revolutionize the way in which wellness centers, and the health industry overall, interact with the community and aims to create a state of the art wellness facility to provide the public with a complete set of health resources to develop an optimal and progressive lifestyle, truly based in medical and social science research.