A Connection In The Right Direction.

At LiveVivacity, we pride ourselves on our mission of providing resources and a thriving community to maximize potential through the integration of mental, physical, social, and spiritual health.


The mental health dimension incorporates mental training and mental resiliency. We provide resources to help our community strategize, plan, and develop skill sets to become powerful and resilient problem solvers.


Physical health has been known to be critical to human functioning for ages. We support and encourage healthy eating and exercise. However, physical health also necessitates a balanced body, posture, and biomechanics.


Social health is just beginning to gain traction and recognition in the world of psychology and sociology. It’s necessary to be conscious of the values and practices of those we keep close in our lives. Everyone around us influences us, one way or another, so we built a supportive and positive community to foster an environment of growth!


As humans, we have developed a need to understand “why”. Thousands of years have yielded countless religions, beliefs, and meanings to life. As LiveVivacity, we are not here to tell you what is right or wrong, we are simply here to reinforce the importance of finding purpose and meaning in life. Whatever it is that you believe, we are here to support and help explore that belief, as long as it drives you to become your best. To us, spirituality means continuously learning, growing, and striving to become our best at all times, in order to have the most positive impact on the world around us.

Our philosophy of health incorporates all aspects of wellness, not just physical. We believe that the human body functions through four main systems: Mental, Physical, Social, and Spiritual. To sustain positive growth, it’s necessary to train and develop all aspects of the human experience.

By training and developing these four dimensions, we can create an optimal lifestyle. Our unique and personalized programs move individuals and communities to reach their full potential.

Personal Training

Learn the necessary tools and skillsets to reach peak performance in time management, sleep scheduling, stress management, productivity and efficiency throughout all domains of life.

Universal Gym Access

Our Universal Gym Access provides our community with the ability to free-train at any gym in our network, hit any group fitness class, or simply check out new boutiques all for a membership price with us.

Online Fitness Training

We provide customized online training for our clients who are looking to push themselves past their limits for an affordable price. Weekly programs sent to your inbox each week, with real-time communication and interaction with your trainer!

Workshops and Events

Train your brain and expand your network with like-minded people through our workshop and events! Help us build a community full of growth and support! Coming Soon!

Building A Thriving Community

We provide a variety of events to help cultivate a greater sense of community.

From Glow in the Dark hikes and Tough Mudder events to yoga and educational presentations, we host events that will bring all of our members together in a supportive and constructive environment. We are always looking to expand our event topics, so we encourage you to send us ideas that you would like to see us put on!

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Mental. Physical.

Social. Spiritual.

LiveVivacity and the perspective that they take on health has changed the course of my life. After attending the Yoga and Meditation event and hearing the founder speak, I was opened to the importance of holistic living. This team truly has a powerful presence and their impact on my life has been incredible!

Demitra Kontras, Daniel and Henry Insurance

The personal training through LiveVivacity has allowed me to participate in my life more wholesomely. Jared has helped me to build my physical strength and functionality, but he also worked with me to improve my overall lifestyle and well-being.

Parker Benson, Psychology Student

Because of LiveVivacity, I now understand and embrace how the mind, body, soul and also my social circles are connected. I’ve learned to live with intention and aim to be my healthiest self in all ways, every day.

Lana M, Social Worker