Fitness & Postural Assessments

Get a full report of your own Max Heart Rate (MHR), Resting Heart Rate (RHR), Body Composition, and Postural evaluation!

Before any training, it is necessary to determine baseline levels. We provide free postural and fitness assessments to evaluate your baseline levels and ensure optimal growth and planning for your future fitness requirements.

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It’s necessary to know and understand your baseline physical fitness levels. Basic measurements include identifying blood pressure levels, body composition, height, weight, and body metrics. 

Your Resting Heart Rate (RHR) and Max Heart Rate (MHR) allow you to comfortably train within your body’s limits. Knowing your RHR and MHR will help you determine your abilities and set goals accordingly.

Through a postural assessment, we can detect imbalances in the dynamics of the human body that lead to long-term degradation of the kinetic chain and muscle atrophy.

The results will provide us with a framework to create an exercise regime to re-balance the body and prevent postural atrophy over time.

Flexibility plays an important role in neuromuscular activation and muscular development. Evaluating your various compensations and physical limits will support a healthy training program and ensure proper injury prevention.

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