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Our story is unique, from the beginning to the present. Here at LiveVivacity, we have put our hearts, minds, and passions together to create something wonderful for this world. Hear from each of our team members why they joined LiveVivacity and what it means to work for such a powerful vision.

As a startup, we work together to build and develop our business in all directions. Every team member plays an important role in the growth of LiveVivacity and the achievement of our mission. In order to make the impact that we seek, we rely strongly on positive team dynamics and a supportive environment. Working together through a growth mindset, we see failure as a stepping stone and a means to generate innovative solutions. We seek to employ healthy, friendly, passionate, and hardworking individuals with integrity and a progressive value system. Our team is the foundation of our movement, and our movement toward a better, more sustainable world, is the most important thing to us.

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