Universal Gym Access

Hit your own workout at any LV Open Location. Take any group fitness class. All for the same, affordable price. (No gym membership required!)

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Personal Training

Train at any LV Location. Train with any LV Trainer. All for the same, affordable price. It’s “Uber, for Trainers”. (No gym membership required!)

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We created and designed FHISC exclusively for the LiveVivacity community. We wanted to develop a program that fully incorporated values and fundamentals from every training style, and hybrid them together into one all-encompassing workout.

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Lifestyle Coaching

Learn skills and techniques to make your life more meaningful and effective through meeting with one of our lifestyle coaches! From nutritional guidance to memory techniques and strategic planning, we can help you blow past your life goals. Explore and develop all 4 dimensions (Mental, Physical, Social, Spiritual) and dive into the depths of life, purpose, and this human experience. Talk to one of our lifestyle coaches in a free consultation to learn how lifestyle coaching can enhance your life and those around you!

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Massage Therapy

Health and wellness expands far past the gym and a solid exercise routine. The human body is an ecosystem that is driven, at the most elemental level, by cellular growth. Massage therapy supplements the active lifestyle by attending to the microbiology of our bodily systems. It’s not just about relaxing muscles, it’s about bringing your body back to equilibrium and inner functionality. Whether you’ll be a regular massage enthusiast, or simply a one-timer, we have something tailored just for you.

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Workshops & Events

Join us for our educational workshops to expand your mental health, or build your social health and community at our various events! Whether it’s learning about nutrition, neural pathways, or business development together at one of our workshops, or running a LiveVivacity 5k, we’d love to hang out with you!

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