"Access is the New Membership"

Welcome to the very first
Universal Gym Access.

Let us take you through our easy 3 step process!

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Step 1. Pick Any Package or Membership

No matter what package you pick, you will always receive universal access. We believe that there should never be a limitation on where you can train, and we ensure that you will always have access. Whether you're looking for a 10-pass, or an unlimited membership, you reap the benefits of a full gym network.

Step 2. Choose Any Location or Class

Every location in our network has something to offer. Feel the autonomy of your membership by trying out the different specialties offered at each location, all for the same price. (Personal training excluded).

Step 3. Check-In and Enjoy Your Workout.

Simply check-in at the front desk and hit your workout in your new gym! We love to hear about your experiences, so give us a shout-out on social media when you check in and receive reward points!